Let Your Code Speak Insights
Flexible software component analysis, license management, code quality, team transparency
Be Confident in Your Software
Inventory Reports
Discover all open source and proprietary components and dependencies of your code, both direct and transitive. Automatically generate the full Software Bill of Materials (SBoM).
Licenses Control
Accurately track licenses in your code and dependencies, both explicit and implicit. Enforce corporate policies, prevent any conflicts and remove legal doubts.
Quality Inspection
With the help of our code mining algorithms eliminate unnecessary code duplication, track cyclomatic complexity, watch out for code smells, ensure enough logging.
Reporting & BI
Enrich your data collection with data analysis. Use interactive charts or export data in any BI system or Excel and play with it on your own terms. Direct integrations are coming soon.
Teams & Authors
Get thoughtful insights about your team. Who is more proficient in specific technology? Who is capable of dealing with the next important project? Only objective factual data.
Policy control
Configure regular reports and/or receive news only if something comes up. To your email or issue tracking system.. Never miss any valuable information again.
Understand How Your Code Works
Open the Black Box
Learn what's inside your code, what dependencies are used, what code is copied directly into your project and what licences are used.
Own Your Insights
Use the power of the latest developments in code mining, data analysis, and machine learning. Our algorithms, your data and insights.
We've worked in software companies of all sizes for years and know their struggles and problems first-hand.
That's why we've built CodeScoring with client needs in mind. It is our state-of-the-art solution for software composition analysis, license management, code mining and it's just the tip of the iceberg.
We really hope you'll love it and it will make your software better.
Alexey Smirnov
CodeScoring CEO
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